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My journey with travel started as a child in the 1980s. My mother traveled to India more than 20 times for her work in manufacturing fashion textiles. Today I follow in her footsteps, continuing her legacy with my shared passion for India. 

After a three-week solo journey to India, I returned home and thought, “Why not turn my passion for travel into a boutique travel experience to some of my favorite destinations?” India can be an intimidating place to some people, particularly those without a travel companion. I decided that I would create a way for people to experience the beauty and wonder of India and other global destinations, while feeling confident that every facet of their journey is provided for.

I have personally traveled to each location to select every detailed step we take, site we see, and bite we eat. I have worked with the same teams on the ground for years to curate not just a tour but a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

Each experience is limited to a small group. No matching T-shirts or tour buses here. The schedules are not cookie-cutter, but rather are constantly evolving to suit the interests of each group. Immersing yourself in the local culture, you could visit a flower market, sample local cuisines, visit historical sites, shop for local textiles, or visit an elephant rescue. A group of strangers of all ages from all over the world join together, forming lifelong friendships.

Is group travel not your thing? We can design custom itineraries tailored to your schedule and interests—consulting with you and guiding your journey every step of the way.

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Tailored Travel

We create custom itineraries tailored to your schedule and interests—consulting and guiding your journey every step of the way.



"Grant delivered a fantastic, curated trip to India where we felt part of the family wherever we were. ... Grant is a delightful host and guide, so easy to work with, an instant friend to all, and kept everything running seamlessly. We are looking forward to going on another trip with him again as soon as possible."

"I wouldn't have changed a thing on the itinerary.
I enjoyed every minute of it. And as a cherry on top, I walked away with what I feel are life-long friendships. Bravo, Grant and thank you. Where are we going next?"

"I traveled with Grant who did a fantastic job creating a creatively fulfilling trip weaved with history. Grant has a knack for putting together a great group of travelers, and we are discussing when we can see each other again! Whether we visited a palace or location that was closed to the public- we were treated like royalty.

"Traveling with Grant to India was an experience of a lifetime. The trip was planned to perfection. An ideal combination of sightseeing, shopping, learning and culture. I’ve already signed up for the next opportunity to travel with Grant!"

"Grant’s trips are the ideal balance of business, culture, commerce, and experience…Traveling with Grant is like seeing the world with your favorite guidebook and best friend in one – can’t wait to do it again!"

"Grant is such an insightful trip planner and guide guru. Grant planned an itinerary for my sister and I to travel a week previous to meeting up with the group... Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better we met Grant and our group of like minded travelers for daily beautifully curated experiences. I highly recommend this trip and can’t wait to go on my next Gibson adventure!"

"I've always wanted to go to India but was too intimidated.  Grant took the intimidation and worry out of me with his knowledge and enthusiasm of the country.  All I did was show up, learn, grow, enjoy, shop and have lots of laughs along the way." 

"India with Grant is the most beautifully curated adventure. Every day was a feast for the eyes, incredibly insightful, and undeniably delicious. A truly authentic experience. Can’t wait for the next adventure with Grant!"

"I felt like I made lifelong friendships with an inspiring and diverse group of women – kudos to Grant for putting together such a vibrant, dynamic group of travelers who were so easy to get along with and so much fun. At multiple points, I laughed to the point of tears with these ladies."

"If the Instagram-gurus, every it-girl, Martha Stewart, two socialites, and a Travel + Leisure editor all teamed up, they could NOT plan a better trip than Grant Gibson."

"Our trip to India with Grant was beyond amazing! I couldn’t recommend this trip more highly and I will remember every part of it forever. Kudos to Grant for putting a fabulous group together with a fabulous adventure!"

“Thank you, Grant, for sharing your absolute gift of putting together an amazing trip that was perfectly planned, full of surprises, completely curated and totally inspiring. I would have never attempted to visit India on my own so traveling with you was such a gift. I am so grateful – I learned and saw so much. I really expanded my mind. Such a gracious host as well…”

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