Book signing MacRostie Winery

Wesley loves his time in the country. In addition to picking apples, his other favorite pastime is wine tasting. Good news on that front: we are going to be at MacRostie Winery for a book signing on Saturday, November 3rd, from 2-5pm. Come by to meet Wesley, purchase a copy of our book and enjoy a glass of […]


Happy 2016 to you! Hope that everyone had a great end of 2015 and that things have starting out well for 2016. One of my guilty pleasures is going to the movies. So many great films this season that been to: Brooklyn, Carol, The Danish Girl, Spotlight, Joy and Room.  I also watched quite a […]


Sometimes it is so nice to get out of the hustle and bustle of the San Francisco and enjoy the peaceful setting. A few weekends ago, we packed up the car and headed to Mendocino. At least it was peaceful, until Wesley decided to try and befriend the local chipmunks.  Judging by their quick ascent […]


There are a ways to bring greenery into your interior, especially for those you who, like me, have a “black thumb”.  This cactus only needs occasional watering and care. My kind of plant!


I have always had fascination with how things are made.  Seeing things on a shelf in a store always makes me wonder more about where it was made and by whom.  For years, I have driven by a ceramics studio near my house, always wondering about it.  I decided to sign up for a weekly […]


Sorry for the absence from the blog lately. This time of year has kept me extra busy. Happy New Year! I promise to get back to things very soon.  I really want to share my trip to Cape Town, South Africa.  So stay tuned! We have had some rainy days here in San Francisco, which […]


Summer is here and Wesley has been settling in nicely.  Its hard to believe that he has only been living in San Francisco for four months.  He is just part of the family now –  and the perfect addition.   A day doesn’t go by when I don’t think of my old boys, Campbell and […]


A few weeks ago, Wesley took his first plane trip across the country to New York.  He couldn’t have been any better or more well behaved.  Now he is all ready for his next adventure.  I think that I was more nervous than he was about traveling!

Gardening in the city

I dream of gardening.  I am not sure where this idea comes from – it’s not as if I have a long history of playing in the dirt!  But I just do.  This is from a client’s garden.  Filled with chards and lettuces. It’s not a huge area in which to garden – but I […]


Last Tuesday, I received an email from Kay, the kind woman who was the foster mother to my last two Westies, Campbell and Wallace.  She said that she had a really special boy and thought that I should meet him.  I spent the week sick in bed with this flu/cold thing going around, daydreaming about […]