Last Tuesday, I received an email from Kay, the kind woman who was the foster mother to my last two Westies, Campbell and Wallace.  She said that she had a really special boy and thought that I should meet him.  I spent the week sick in bed with this flu/cold thing going around, daydreaming about meeting this dog.  Saturday morning came around and I woke up at 5am, took a taxi to the airport and jumped on a very early flight down to Los Angeles.  I then rented a car and drove south to Huntington Beach to meet Wesley.  It was truly love at first sight.  Such a calm, gentle little guy.  He had been surrendered by a breeder that did want him anymore.  Things like this just break my heart.  A nine year old Westie with no home.  I seem to have a soft spot for the senior Westies!  I loaded Wesley, his toys, blanket, food and water and we then took the long, long drive back to San Francisco.   He sat in the passenger seat the whole way.  Some of the way he looked out the window and then he really settled in and slept.  He wasn’t too keen on my sing-a-long playlist for the ride home!  So I am so excited to present Wesley to all of you.  The last months without a dog have been hard, but it was also great to take a break and also heal.  I am glad that I waited for this little guy, as I think that he is pretty perfect!
I am sure that I will be photo bombing the blog with all of Wesley’s adventures!