There was a time when I would only put white flowers in my house.  I am not sure why exactly, but it’s true.  I still love white flowers, but have defintely branched out over the years.  To think that years ago, I would have passed over these stunning purple tulips.  Now, I can’t resist.  Makes […]


  We finally received some long overdue rain in San Francisco.  Time to bring out the umbrella collection and the rain boots.  What to do with an old pair or rain boots (that developed a hole)?   Why not turn them into an umbrella stand like I have done at the top of my stairs?  […]


We are having a rare warm winter day in San Francisco (where we actually are really in the need of rain).  Today the temperature hit 70!  Mind you, I am not complaining one bit – especially after seeing the recent sub-zero temperatures in other parts of the country.  The trees and plants are a little […]


  There seem to be a lot of great new books out there.   I try to make a list when I hear of new books that people suggest. Everyone was talking about The Goldfinch.  I picked up a copy; I can’t wait to crawl into bed every night and devour more. Last weekend, I […]


Recently, we have been having quite a few house guests.  Not so much people – but rather the 4 legged variety. Meet Toby, our Cocker Spaniel friend. He made himself at home when his parents went to Mexico for the holidays.  I think that from now on I must require that all house guests come […]


When thinking about holiday decorating, I decided to go rather minimal this year (as you can tell).  Since I already have my fiddle leaf tree, I thought, “why not decorate it?”  I was feeling a bit cheeky – with just the one ornament.  Something about this corner of my living room makes me smile.  Wouldn’t […]


Sometimes things are just as simple as black and white.  Why complicate matters?  When wrapping a few things last week for friends and family, I snapped this shot of some item in my gift wrap drawer.   What do you think?  It is too dark for you?  Not cheery enough?  I personally love the simple […]


  The other day, I came across this little license plate in a drawer.  This was tacked on my bright red childhood tricycle.  I remember it like yesterday.   Sometimes these little discoveries trigger such warm memories. Do you have any childhood items that evoke happy memories?


Inspiration comes all over, even when you’re not looking for it.  Sometimes we forget to look down and we miss out on noteworthy details.  I stumbled upon this great pattern while walking around, which reminded me to look up and down more often.  Inspiration comes from all over- even when we’re not expecting it.  


If you are looking for a way to make a statement, but are possibly afraid to make a huge commitment with your interior, how about painting your front door a bright color- like this vibrant yellow?  Against the shingles in the soft gray and the architectural details, this really pops! What do you think?  Too […]