The Curated Home: A Fresh Take On Tradition

Today is the day!  At long last, today marks the official release of my new book,The Curated Home: A Fresh Take on Tradition.  I’m so grateful for the work of everyone who made this a reality.  Details of upcoming book signing dates coming soon. Signed copies on my website here Amazon here You can also ask your […]

The Curated Home: A Fresh Take on Tradition

I am thrilled to share the cover of my new book, The Curated Home: A Fresh Take on Tradition, published by Gibbs Smith. The book will be coming out in Fall 2018.  I will be doing several book signings. Stay tuned for more details. Pre-order signed copies on my website here. Pre-order on Amazon here. THE CURATED […]


According to the calendar, spring has officially arrived.  When looking at the weather reports across the country, it doesn’t quite appear that way with snow still falling.  Fresh flowers always seem to brighten up even the gloomy days.   I picked up this bouquet of anemones the other day for my kitchen.  When looking them […]


Some days you just get the blues.  In this case, it’s a bit different than what one usually means by “feeling blue”. Feeling blue is being inspired by the saturation of the colors.  The combinations of these ikat fabrics against blue and white pottery. Quite honestly, this does just the opposite of making me feel […]


I have always been intrigued by those places where you can paint your own pottery.  Perhaps not a ceramic kitten toothbrush holder for me…so I decided to channel my inner Jackson Pollock and make a splattered plate.   I am not sure that the women who ran the shop were ready for paint spattering all […]


I found this treasure of a mailbox after a client meeting the other day.  Hard to believe something like this exists in a major city like San Francisco. I loved the overgrown ivy surrounding the simple white mailbox.   Its seemed like such a nice way to be greeted when going to “get the mail”. […]


Going to Ikea is like going through a maze.  I try to plan my visits on a random weekday afternoon around 2 or so to minimize the madness.  I can’t imagine a Saturday afternoon with the crowds and check out lines!   I always seem to be able to fill a shopping cart with random […]


So sorry for the silence on the blog these days. It seems that there aren’t enough hours in the day.  The last weeks have been filled with some fun adventures.  A bit of traveling and a lot of great new projects at the office.  I took this photo a few weeks back of these fabulous […]


Last week I shared how much I loved a client’s garden in the city.  Now I am sharing farm fresh eggs.  I am not sure what this all means.  Last weekend, I picked up this dozen eggs.  The taste of the fresh eggs at the farmers market really does taste better than those on the […]


Walking down the street a few weeks ago, I came across this great front door. I know that I have posted on colorful doors before.  Last time it was yellow.  Now this gorgeous green. Your front door makes a statement – particularly if it is visible from the street.  Why not make a bold statement?  […]