Just returned from Paris and just had to share the photos of a lucky little guy that got to tag along with me. Since France doesn’t have any quarantine laws (and the French love dogs), I thought, “Why the heck not?” Wesley actually enhanced the experience.  People approached on the street to say bonjour to […]

Sir John Soane’s Museum

Arranging travel plans and purchasing plane tickets is always a bit of a challenge.  While booking my latest adventure to Cape Town, South Africa (come back for more on this one!), I found myself with an afternoon to kill in London.  Numerous ideas of how to fill the afternoon layover danced in my head. Lunch […]


Getting back from a trip is always hard. Too many things to catch up on.  But at least there are the memories! How about these food memories. Lobster rolls, fresh blueberries and strawberries and soft serve ice cream. It’s fun to indulge while away. Now time to get back to the normal routine!


I have been in Maine for the last week.  This makes the forth year in a row that I’ve made the trip to visit with friends.  (Does four years a tradition make?)  You may recall my mentioning this before.  I love this time of year.  The end of summer and the start to fall.  You […]


As promised last week, I have put together my top 10 list for Istanbul.  The city is so immense that naturally this list isn’t going to cover it all. But it’s a start with some of my tips and hidden little gems.  So here we go… 10.  Take a boat trip on the Bosporus.  It’s […]


I’ve just returned from a quick weeklong trip to Istanbul.  I embarked on this adventure with two of my best friends in San Francisco.  (Julie is a teacher and had the week off from school and her daughter, Caitlin, is a blogger and designer of Sacramento Street). Istanbul has long been on my list of […]


I have just returned from a week in Hong Kong. I can’t wait to share a few more photos of my adventure.  Here is a peek of a Polaroid series from the trip. Hope that you are having a great week!

Highlights from Maine

Here are a few photos from my trip to Maine – which was just a few weeks back, but already seems a distant memory. I won’t bore you with photo after photo – so here are my three favorites.  How is that for editing?! I was totally inspired by the colorful buoys against the wooden […]


My bags are packed with a lot of black and white stripes for a week long visit with friends in Maine. I have been dreaming of this all summer long.  It will be the first week of autumn.  Maybe a little bit cooler at night?  Maybe a little peek at the leaves beginning to change. […]


I was looking around my apartment the other day and I had a bit of wanderlust.   All of these lovely reminders of my trip that I took to Morocco last year.   I am about to start planning an exciting trip for spring. What are on your wish lists of places to travel?  Do […]