I had a bunk bed in my bedroom growing up.  I always loved climbing the ladder and reading a book with my stuffed animal buddies.  I had the luxury of choosing to sleep in either the top or the bottom bunk since I am an only child. We are currently working on a boy’s bedroom […]


For the last few months, I have been working on an exciting project in Healdsburg (about 1.5 hours north of San Francisco).  This is the new tasting room for MacRostie Winery.  Here is a peek at one of the tables and stools for the space.   Excited to share more photos very soon.  We are […]


When people ask me about my favorite room to design, I typically say a living room or a bedroom.  But you wouldn’t know it lately.  We have been working on numerous bathroom remodels.  Here are some shots of some of our current bathroom projects. All for different clients and completely different feels for each. I […]


Sometimes furniture just will not fit in doorways or down hallways – so you have to come up with alternative options to make things work.  For this project, we worked on the design of the client’s roof deck (of a three story house).  There was just no way that it would be possible to move […]


Sometimes it’s all in the little details.   This cutout will become a tiled niche in a shower (white subway tile on the left of the top shelf – to give you a visual). Just had to make sure everything would fit.  What is the saying?  Measure twice and cut once?  Call me obsessive about […]


This summer, we have a have been working on a lot of remodel projects.   Here is a sneak peak of a bathroom we are doing for two little boys.  Working with classic and timeless materials (that are easy to scrub down after a lively bathtime splashing) and then adding some fun blues for a […]


  I am picky when it comes to lighting.   Lightening can really make or break a whole room.  Too much light can be harsh and offputting.  Not enough light: you can’t see anything or appreciate the space. I like to think of lighting as works of art or pieces of jewelry for an interior. […]


Summer is here and we have numerous projects under construction to keep our office on our toes! This is a peek of a new shower that we are working on with a client.  The Waterworks wall tiles are all handmade.  I love the way each tile is unique and has a slight variance in color. […]


When working with new clients, I love to explore options for shapes, textures and sizes. We recently spent the afternoon sourcing for kitchen backsplashes and floors for multiple bathrooms. Sometimes clients come to our office with visions of what they want.  Other times, we get more latitude to make suggestions and figure out the design […]


I have been really into neon art lately.  We just had this sign custom made for a client’s home. DREAM.  An inspirational reminder for everyday. The process was rather easy.  We worked with a local neon artist.  We gave them our design and had many options for colors and sizes. A few days later we […]