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I have been back in the kitchen lately.  Experimenting and playing around.

My latest creation is sort of a twist on homemade pasta.   I don’t really have the patience to make fresh pasta dough – so my solution is to pick up already made flat sheets at my local pasta shop.    You can let your imagination run wild with fillings.  I sauteed mushrooms, kale and fresh corn and then added an egg yolk to the center.   I took the egg white and mixed with a little water and made a wash and then covered the bottom layer with another layer of pasta to make a large ravioli-like pocket.   They didn’t take too long to cook (maybe 4-5 minutes) in boiling water.  I wanted to make I didn’t overcook the yolk so that – as I cut into the pasta – the yolk would still be runny.  A touch of browned butter on top before serving and you have a pretty simple meal.

Sometimes nothing hits the spot like bowl of pasta.  Don’t you agree?