Off to Maine in just a few weeks. This marks the seventh consecutive year of escaping to Maine.

September can’t come soon enough.  As usual, San Francisco is foggy and cold, so it will be really nice to experience some better weather.


The oft-quoted Mark Twain saying always comes to mind this time of year:

“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”


Lots of friends will be joining for a few days here and there.  I have recipes planned and lots of daily adventures.

I have been working feverishly on my design book for the last months.  Every week it seemed there was another photo shoot.  I have been working on the text to accompany for months.

It will be great to devote time in September to put the finishing touches on the manuscript.  Editing will happen during the fall and winter, and then it’s off to print.

From start to finish, it will be a two-year project.  Can’t wait to share in the fall of 2018!


Here are a few photos from a short trip to Maine in June.  It was great to sneak getaway and work on the book.  The weather was considerably colder and the towns all tranquil.  I’ve decided September is the ideal time.  Still, some warm days, cooler nights (hello, fireplace) and the kids are all back to school.