I have been doing a lot of driving around San Francisco lately.

I am on a NEW mission lately, and no, it doesn’t involve anymore porta potty sightings!

Now, my latest obsession is seeing a trend of painting houses black. Yes, I said black. Is this the hottest new trend? Do you think it is morbid? Do you think that painting the exterior updates the house? Does it give it a fresh, clean modern look? Would you ever have the guts to do something so bold? Do you think that this is disrespectful to the architecture? Are you concerned about what people would think? What would the neighbors say! This is something that I have seen all over San Francisco. Pacific Heights, Presidio Heights, Russian Hill, SoMa (South of Market Street for all of you out of towners), Noe Valley, Mission, Lake Street. The craze seems to be spreading. What about other cities out there? Have other people seen houses painted black too? Tell me what YOU think.

I guess black is the new black.

If you want MY opinion on this look- I LOVE IT! I really think that I am obsessed! (I formally apologize to friends who have been in the car with me recently when I have had sighting and have suddenly pulled the car over to take photos!) I am a few years off from purchasing my first home, but this is one idea that I really has me thinking and dreaming. Until then, I will keep saving my pennies. A boy can dream can’t he!