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Getting back from a trip is always hard. Too many things to catch up on.  But at least there are the memories! How about these food memories.

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Lobster rolls, fresh blueberries and strawberries and soft serve ice cream. It’s fun to indulge while away. Now time to get back to the normal routine!


I have been in Maine for the last week.  This makes the forth year in a row that I’ve made the trip to visit with friends.  (Does four years a tradition make?)  You may recall my mentioning this before.  I love this time of year.  The end of summer and the start to fall.  You can see the leaves just starting to change.  Pops of vivid oranges and deep reds.

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Wesley is proving to be such a great traveler.  Here he met his first lobster.  I not sure if he really understood this odd-looking creature.  I am sure glad that the lobster had his claws banded.  Otherwise, I think a certain Westie would have had his nose in an unwanted grip!


As promised last week, I have put together my top 10 list for Istanbul.  The city is so immense that naturally this list isn’t going to cover it all.

But it’s a start with some of my tips and hidden little gems.  So here we go…

10.  Take a boat trip on the Bosporus.  It’s a great way to get your bearings and enjoy the view along the way.  We opted for the 2 hour trip, that goes up one side and then back down the other.  We timed it for a late afternoon so that we could enjoy the views against the setting sun.  There are other boat trips that you can take where you can jump on and off at the different stops and explore.  That’s definitely going to be a must for my next trip.

9.  Take a trip to the Asian side of the city for the day.  One of the best lunches that I can remember having in the recent past was at Ciya Sofasi.  We sampled cold salad plates, grilled meats and some of the freshest produce from the trip.  The surrounding area really lets you see how the locals live.  Explore the Beylerbeyi Palace (especially the gardens and views) and take a drive to the top of Camilca Hill for a fantastic view.  You might want to consider hiring a car and driver/guide for your day trip.  We located the guide (Isan Aknur) that guided Anthony Bourdain on his gustatory tour of Istanbul.  Isan will make you laugh and show you a lot of non-touristy locations, tailored to your interests (food, design, history, etc.)

8. Try drinking Raki.  It is an unsweetened, anise flavored alcoholic drink (sort of similar to French Pastis or Greek Ouzo) made of twice-distilled grapes and aniseed.

7.  Visit Topkapi.  This is a half day at least.  Make sure to not miss the harem section (which was my favorite) and when you are exhausted have lunch at the restaurant.  The view is spectacular.

6.  Turkish towels.  I will admit that I filled a whole suitcase with the most beautiful bath and hand towels.  I loved the detailing and color options with the great tassel detail.  I know that when I look at them hanging in my bathroom, I will have fond memories of the trip for many years to come.

5.  Drink freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.  This one actually happened by accident.  I was seeking change from a street cart vendor that had piles of pomegranates.  He talked me into a glass and I was addicted.  They cut the pomegranate in half and hand squeeze it in a large juice press.  The flavor is out of this world. The bottled grocery store variety here doesn’t even come close.

4.  Hamam.  Spending some time relaxing at a Turkish bath was the perfect way to pass an afternoon.  I opted for the ritual/traditional service where I was scrubbed and exfoliated as I lounged on the hot marble slabs.  I ended having the whole place to myself for the afternoon.  I was so glad that a friend suggested Kilic Ali Pasa Hamam. Every detail was exquisite following a recent 7 year restoration.

3. The Spice Market.  Vendors with cheeses, olives and stacks of spices.   I found all kinds of spices to pack for my suitcase.  I can’t wait to start cooking with these soon.

2.  Explore the Cukurcuma section.   One of the most charming areas filled with vintage and antique store.  The standout favorite was A La Turca which was filled with accessories, rugs and hidden gems.  Have coffee at Holy Coffee.  Dinner at Munferit is a must (I can still taste the couscous with squid ink and sea bass with fennel!)

1. Hagia Sofia.  After having studied it in art history classes and seen awe-inspiring pictures for years, finally seeing this majestic landmark in person was a dream come true.


I’ve just returned from a quick weeklong trip to Istanbul.  I embarked on this adventure with two of my best friends in San Francisco.  (Julie is a teacher and had the week off from school and her daughter, Caitlin, is a blogger and designer of Sacramento Street).

Istanbul has long been on my list of top travel destinations.   I immediately fell in love.  I was intoxicated by its beauty, exoticism and sophistication. You cannot help but be engulfed by the vast cultural history. The city is a rarefied mix of the past and future. It’s the most extraordinary city I have ever visited. It’s so overwhelming (in a good way) that I am somewhat paralyzed trying to describe it.

The breathtaking skyline with minarets and church spires – Byzantine and Ottoman architecture mixed with a smattering of the contemporary. One city spanning two continents.  The meandering blue of the Bosporus bisecting the city.

The week was spent sightseeing, sourcing pile after pile of vintage and antique area rugs and textiles for client projects and eating some of the best food.  I loved every second of the trip.

I can’t wait to plan my next trip to explore more of Turkey.  I’m thinking of Cappadocia and Ephesus- and certainly more time in Istanbul.

I hope that you enjoy some of my photo highlights. In my next post, I am going to follow up with my “Top 10” list, like I did when I returned from Morocco (in case you are taking a trip there soon-HERE is that link).


I have just returned from a week in Hong Kong.

I can’t wait to share a few more photos of my adventure.  Here is a peek of a Polaroid series from the trip.

Hope that you are having a great week!

Highlights from Maine

Here are a few photos from my trip to Maine – which was just a few weeks back, but already seems a distant memory.

I won’t bore you with photo after photo – so here are my three favorites.  How is that for editing?!

I was totally inspired by the colorful buoys against the wooden wall.  I discovered these nautical found objects in the yard one afternoon.  And naturally a few lobster rolls were enjoyed… photo copy 3

The weather was perfect and the leaves were just starting to change.

Already planning another trip next year!



My bags are packed with a lot of black and white stripes for a week long visit with friends in Maine.

I have been dreaming of this all summer long.  It will be the first week of autumn.  Maybe a little bit cooler at night?  Maybe a little peek at the leaves beginning to change.   I can already taste the lobster!


I was looking around my apartment the other day and I had a bit of wanderlust.   All of these lovely reminders of my trip that I took to Morocco last year.   I am about to start planning an exciting trip for spring.
What are on your wish lists of places to travel?  Do you have any favorite places that you have been that you would suggest?  I could listen to stories about travel for hours.
Have a great weeekend!



Zero George- Grant K. Gibson

A few weeks ago I took a trip for a few days to Charleston, South Carolina with my friend Caitlin (check out her her blog if you don’t already know it: Sacramento Street).

We stayed at a charming new hotel called the Zero George.  It was in the perfect location to do plenty of walking, antiquing and eating of fabulous food.

Check back later this week with some highlights from the trip.  If you are going to Charleston, I can’t suggest the Zero George enough.  I am already planning my next trip to Charleston and a return to Zero George will be on my agenda.


Leaving in a few weeks for a few days in Charleston.  It’s my first trip.  Would love to hear if you have any suggestions of favorite places to eat or shop!
Have a great weekend.
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