I’ve just returned from a quick weeklong trip to Istanbul.  I embarked on this adventure with two of my best friends in San Francisco.  (Julie is a teacher and had the week off from school and her daughter, Caitlin, is a blogger and designer of Sacramento Street).

Istanbul has long been on my list of top travel destinations.   I immediately fell in love.  I was intoxicated by its beauty, exoticism and sophistication. You cannot help but be engulfed by the vast cultural history. The city is a rarefied mix of the past and future. It’s the most extraordinary city I have ever visited. It’s so overwhelming (in a good way) that I am somewhat paralyzed trying to describe it.

The breathtaking skyline with minarets and church spires – Byzantine and Ottoman architecture mixed with a smattering of the contemporary. One city spanning two continents.  The meandering blue of the Bosporus bisecting the city.

The week was spent sightseeing, sourcing pile after pile of vintage and antique area rugs and textiles for client projects and eating some of the best food.  I loved every second of the trip.

I can’t wait to plan my next trip to explore more of Turkey.  I’m thinking of Cappadocia and Ephesus- and certainly more time in Istanbul.

I hope that you enjoy some of my photo highlights. In my next post, I am going to follow up with my “Top 10” list, like I did when I returned from Morocco (in case you are taking a trip there soon-HERE is that link).